We are a materials-enabled gas technology company.

Our proprietary packaging and separation technology enables fundamental performance shifts in high-value consumer, commercial, and industrial products and systems.

We are changing the way the world stores, separates, and transports gases.

Similar to a sponge soaking up water, our materials soak up gases at high concentrations. Simply put, a cylinder filled with one of our materials will store more gas than an empty vessel. This fundamental property grants us unparalleled design flexibility, enabling gas storage and transportation on container ships - forgoing costly cryogenic or high-pressure transport.

We are a platform solution.

With millions of potential combinations, our materials can be custom tailored and optimized for applications. This is complemented by our high-throughput computational approach to material discovery, enabling us to exhaustively and accurately test materials without performing a single experiment.

We have traction.

Our company is backed by an elite group of angel investors, and our technology has been lauded as a game changer for the gas storage, separation, and transportation industries. We've been especially proud of our ability to support research around moonshot ideas, looking into the future to address the true potential of our technology as a transformative next-generation platform.