High compression is obsolete.

We reduce the energy requirements of commercial and industrial processes.

Gases and the energy-intensive systems that create, deliver, and capture them are used in nearly every sector of the global economy. We design and build systems that displace the need to highly compress gases. In doing so, we enable previously unachievable form factors and cost-advantaged economics in the energy, healthcare, and technology sectors.

An atomically engineered solution.

Our materials contain trillions of very small pores.

A universal property of gases is that they highly concentrate on surfaces. We take advantage of this property by creating materials with large amounts of internal surface area. One of our materials has the highest reported surface area to date; one gram of this material, when unfolded, would cover over 1.5 football fields. This surface area enables our materials to soak up gases like a bath sponge soaks up water, displacing the need for energy-intensive compression.

Materials science meets big data.

We mix and match components to design the ideal material for every application.

We design atomically engineered materials through the application of modern computing infrastructure to proprietary material discovery algorithms. Using our world-class discovery platform, we create millions of hypothetical structures, store these structures in databases, and then use high-performance cloud computing to rapidly simulate their properties. This capital-light approach allows us to dramatically reduce development cycles, rapidly generate IP, and support valuable application platforms with tailor-designed solutions.